About the Institute

The institute provides a focal point for impactful activities in research, education, and service in biomaterials, drug delivery, and regenerative medicine—key areas to transforming health care.

Focus Areas

The institute addresses novel solutions in the treatment of important diseases, such as:


The physics of cancer, biological modeling of the growth and treatment of tumors, theranostics, and nanotechnology of chemotherapeutic drug administration.

Cardiovascular diseases

Advanced artificial organs, medical devices, stents, and assist devices.

Neurological diseases

Diagnostics and imaging, regenerative medicine of the nervous system.


Improved feedback-controlled devices, advanced therapeutics including sensors, and release systems and pumps.

Infectious and autoimmune diseases

Led by Nicholas Peppas, a professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and a world-renowned expert in biomaterials and drug delivery systems, the new Institute for Biomaterials, Drug Delivery and Regenerative Medicine brings together leading Cockrell School researchers in chemical and biomedical engineering who are investigating new ways to alter and improve the body's systems, repair failing organs and administer drugs and vaccines.

The institute fosters and enhances interactions with both the Austin and Texas biomaterials/drug delivery communities through services provided to start-ups, small companies, and organizations. The institute will actively interface with the new Dell Medical School.